Food is for Fuel Not Comfort!

Resolutions Friday Fit Tip with Stacey - New Heart Fitness, Belle Fourche SD
20 Jul

I want to help you open your mind to how you eat and why you eat! This could possibly be a deep emotionally rooted conversation you are about to have with yourself! So, I am going to try to keep this very educational and informational but you can certainly reflect on you and your own habits.   AND definitely read to the end so I can fill you up with some self- love inspiration.

Here we go! Answer these questions honestly!

Do you eat:
when you feel stressed?
when you really aren’t hungry?
to feel better or calm?
to reward yourself?
until you are stuffed?

Does food make you feel safe or better?
Is food your “Friend”?
Do you feel powerless over food?

If you answered NO to all of these questions just skip to the end and I will inspire you to be awesome and then you are on your way.  HOWEVER, IF you answered YES to any of these questions, like me, lets get to the bottom of why!?!

Step 1: Its important to know and pay attention to the difference between emotional hunger and (Real) Physical hunger!

    Physical Hunger                                vs.                         Emotional Hunger

Comes on gradually Hits fast and suddenly
Anything sounds good Craves specific foods
More aware of what you should eat Leads to mindless eating
After meal wait 30 mins, will feel satisfied Is never satisfied
More focused on quality of foods More focused on smells, taste & texture
Food for fuel is good for emotions Leads to regret and shame
Stomach growls or hunger pains Sometimes no physical signs of hunger

So, this makes sense right? There truly is a difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger.  Think about  these differences and pay attention to your signs of hunger.  Ask yourself if you are really hungry and what kind of hunger you are really feeling.


Step 2:  Recognize the emotions that are causing you to reach for food and call them out (talk to yourself- Say it outloud)
“I am feeling_____________”
Or you fill in the blank. It’s just so important to recognize the emotion and accept it! When you deny that your emotions are getting the better of you, they will continue to do so!

Step 3:
So now that you have determined what emotion is causing you to emotionally eat you just need to “deal with it.”
It’s time to cope with or treat the emotion (with something other than food).
Everyone is different but you probably know what works for you but here are some ideas.

Tired: rest, nap, hot tea, bath, candles, workout
Sometimes if you are tired the best thing to do is stop fighting it and go get some sleep!

Lonely/Depressed: call someone, play with a dog or kids, volunteer, think about your goals and aspirations, do something to clear your head, workout

Anxious: jam-out, dance, walk, stress-ball, meditate, yoga, prayer, workout

Bored: read a book, listen to an audio, journal, hobby, get outdoors, workout

So when you learn to deal with the emotion that is causing the emotional eating you on the right track.  However, I will say none of this is easy, mostly because it’s hard to take care of ourselves in this busy world we live in! BUT YOU MUST TAKE TIME FOR YOU!  It’s time to put YOU first.  Take the time to identify your emotions and cope with them appropriately.  It’s time to slowly start making lifestyle changes to become the healthy fit person that you really want to be.  As Rachel Hollis, author of, Girl Wash Your Face, says,
“HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY! ” (By the way, Ladies, READ this book!) 

Truly, when I fail to plan, I plan to fail.   This is going to sound crazy but another thing that has helped me is talking to myself!  And yes, I might even answer myself.  When I am super tired at 11:00 at night I turn the focus on the emotion and not the food, by saying, “I’m not hungry, I’m tired, I’m going to bed now!”

LOVE YOUR BODY- HAVE SELF LOVE: It’ s time to stop the negative talk and self sabotaging!  Be positive! Boost yourself up just like you do for other people! You deserve it!  And, start being honest with yourself!  You know yourself; you know if you are beating yourself up or are you just making excuses when things get the least bit hard?

Lastly, here me when I say this: exercising and eating right is NOT about punishing yourself; instead it is about taking care of and blessing yourself to celebrate your body that is the only body you will ever have!

Healthy Blessings and love-