Six Years and Counting Journey

26 Jul

My longest standing client shares her beautiful health and fitness story!
Meet Brittany! She is an inspiration to all!


Seven years ago,,,

my journey to get healthy started. I was tired of feeling fluffy. I started Weight Watchers hoping it would keep me accountable. I lost a few pounds here and there, but would gain a few here and there too. It was an ongoing vicious cycle that seemed like it would never stop.

Almost a year later, Stacey entered the picture. She was just starting New Heart Fitness. Her kids were attending the school where I worked.  Stacey posted a few flyers around school advertising her training program. After thinking about it for a few days I decided to take the plunge and give it a try. Why not? The first two classes were free, it would be offered where I worked, and I would be doing it with some of my friends.

The next week, I found myself in the school’s lunch room for the first class. It was great! I didn’t feel weird or singled out. I felt great after the first workout and was truly excited to come back. The next class Stacey approached me and suggested that I added an additional class each week to improve my form. She promised I would just need to do the extra class for a month.

A month later…my form had improved and I was hooked. I kept with two classes a week and jumped on board with a healthy eating challenge she was offering. I also stopped Weight Watchers after losing weight on Stacey’s program. I am still with her today.

There have been many benefits to working out and having a personal trainer. I have a new way of thinking. I use to hate being sore after a workout but now I feel cheated when I don’t feel sore.  I feel better after working out. Some days I feel too tired to workout after work. However, just getting there and working out helps me feel better and I am more productive when I get home.

Finally, it has benefited me during my first pregnancy. Working out throughout my entire pregnancy helped me with the common aches and pains. Now my baby is almost a year old and I am still working out. I am looking forward to seeing what these upcoming years will bring as I become stronger.

Fitness has become part of my lifestyle.

Never quit,
Brittany R.

Your Body Is A Temple Not A Garbage Truck

Your Body Is A Temple Not A Garbage Truck
19 Jul

We have all heard the phrase your body is a temple, it also happens to be a bible verse. “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the holy Spirit within you… Therefore, glorify God in your body.” (1 Cor. 6:19-20) Whether you believe this or not the fact is the human body is truly unique in the animal world. In other words your body is a gift and you only get one, so you should probably treat it right. This is a lesson that took me a long time to learn. In my youth I used my body for many things, a garbage disposal, alcohol storage, chimney, battering ram, you name it, whether I knew I was possibly causing permanent damage to myself or not, I didn’t care.


When I’m not training people at the gym, I drive a garbage truck for a living. There are some truly nasty things that go into that truck but that is what it is designed for. Yet even a garbage truck gets regular maintenance, oil changes, repairs and even gets washed when it’s dirty. I am willing to bet for many people their cars get regular check ups more than they do.


The problem I had in my youth is that I didn’t think my body was worth caring for more than a garbage truck. Deep down maybe I didn’t think I was worth being taken care of. I never thought I would live much father past my thirties. Now the thought of being 80 or older some day makes me realize if I don’t take care of what I have now, I won’t have much to work with then. Have you ever wondered why there are some 80 year olds that can barely walk and yet there are others that run marathons and power lift? There truly is a secret to a longer healthier life and that secret is maintaining your strength and endurance now so you can enjoy better health later. There is even scientific evidence that you can maintain and even build muscle and bone mass into your golden years.


You may think you are too far gone and you’ve taken on too much garbage but your body truly is a temple. The human body is highly adaptable, it’s up to you if you want your temple to be a frumpy little wooden hut with a pile of trash hidden in the basement or a grand, beautiful, well built cathedral.

Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring
04 Jul
 THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE FOUGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM! I know that’s really what the 4th of July is all about!
 But as I reflect on the the 4th of July and the topic of freedom, I ask what exactly is freedom?
Well here’s the definition:

     the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.
This sounds great, but I think so many of us humans restrict our own power.

Do you ever think about the freedoms that you have on a day to day basis?  Are you in control of some these freedoms?  What do you want or need to be free from?  Do you want to be free from limitations?  or restrictions?

STOP LIMITING yourself!  It’s time to be free from whatever it is that’s hindering you.
According to country singer Brooks and Dunn, “ONLY in America,  dreaming in red, white and blue…  where we dream as big as we want to…. we all get a chance, everyone gets to dance! “
I see so many people hurting and in pain… physically, mentally, spiritually and even financially.
IF this is you,,, you have the FREEDOM to break free from the these self inflicting limitations.
You are not a tree, if you are not happy, MOVE!  In other words, do something about it!

You have the freedom, and the power and the right to be happy, healthy and safe!

Go exert your power and get free from whatever it is!
God Bless,


Resolutions Friday Fit Tip with Stacey - New Heart Fitness, Belle Fourche SD
21 Jun


I just got home from my annual Plexus (Gut health supplement company) Convention and I am FIRED UP to help people get healthy! We heard amazing speakers and stories of determination and grit and some major motivation! It was just what I needed! I too, just like most people can get off track or bit lazy. It’s easy to say, “Oh I’ll do it later”  or “I can skip my workout today”  or “I’ll message those clients later”


If you keep doing what you’ve always been doing you will get what you’ve  been getting! 


So hear me when I say this real quick… I want to light a fire under your bum!
YOU HAVE TO MOVE!  Just do it now… you can use Mel Robbins: 5 second rule theory.  If you have have an instinct to act on a goal, you must physically move within 5 seconds. Count backwards, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and DO IT!  I actually just used this to get going on writing this (Late) Friday Fit Tip!

Get fired up! YOU can do anything you want!  YOU REALLY CAN! If you want to lose weight or get in shape YOU CAN DO! Or whatever it is you want, you absolutely can do it!

BELIEF WILL GET YOU THERE! Where’s your Mindset?

Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, YOU ARE RIGHT!  Positive self talk people! Tell yourself, “I am capable! and I can do this!”  And when negative creeps in your head… when you hear your inner thoughts saying, “I’ll never be able to lose the weight”  or “I can’t do that”  or “I don’t have enough time”  STOP RIGHT THERE…. acknowledge that you are about to let the negative direct your path and then TURN IT AROUND!   When this happens to me, I say something like, “Wait a minute.  Why can’t I reach this goal? Who’s stopping me?”   NO ONE IS STOPPING ME other than myself!  BOOM!!! Get positive and believe you can and go for your goals! 

Get Fired UP!
🙂 Stacey 

Do You Need Help?

Resolutions Friday Fit Tip with Stacey - New Heart Fitness, Belle Fourche SD
17 May

Sad Reality…

I hear so many people express their frustration with their health issues and their weight! But they don’t know what to do and honestly most people don’t really want to work for it.  IF you want to feel better and want to see your body transform you are going to have to work for it! Well, unless you are a male under 30, then you could probably give up soda and beer and lose 20+ pounds in a month! haha!   OK, so all jokes aside, no matter your age or your gender it can be done!

You are going to have to level with yourself!  But guess where change happens? Well, first I will tell you where change DOESN’T happen, in your comfort zone. If we want to move forward, we need to level up! We need to find people who challenge us to do more, to push us and step outside our comfort zone. You might even get frustrated, but that’s OK. That just means you are in the uncomfortable zone and that’s when results happen.

Here’s The Catch Though,

You actually have to want it more than I want it for you!
But if you do want to feel better well then, I’m here to help!

***That’s what I do!

I’m a personal trainer!  If you’re fed up with your health situation, please reach out to me! I will not charge you to just chat about your health and your options!
I truly want to help in anyway I can! 

🙂 Healthy Blessings,


Change is Good!

Change is Good!
15 Mar
Perhaps you have heard someone say “people don’t change”. The truth is you can change, at least some things anyways.
As a personal trainer it’s my job to help people change themselves for the better. Healthy changes in life are good for you. Things like changing the way you eat, or how much exercise you do, maybe changing your busy schedule to make more time to better yourself. These are all changes that you can control. I know how hard making some of these healthy changes can be; I wasn’t always as fit as I am now. So perhaps I can share a few things that I have learned about making positive changes.
First, you need to know you have to change. Whether your doctor told you to change something about your health or you noticed its on your own, it’s the first and most obvious step.
Next, you need to be willing to change. Knowing you need to do it and actually being willing to can sometimes be a big step.
Third, you need to learn how to change it. Maybe it’s high blood pressure or being overweight or perhaps too weak in certain areas of your body that you need help changing. Finding the information to help you can be as simple as one click, phone call or visit to your local gym.
That leads me to the next point of getting help. A lot of us want to do things on our own. I thought I could lose weight and get in shape by myself but the process went ten times faster once I got the help of well informed professionals.
Lastly, you need to stick with it. If your’e in the process of making a big change in your life, often times sticking with it can be the hardest part. Sometimes deep down you might not want to make the healthy changes and whether you know it or not, you can sabotage all your efforts. So stick with whatever plan you are on and never give up! By staying positive and always moving forward you can’t possibly fail.

Best Advice From a Personal Trainer

Resolutions Friday Fit Tip with Stacey - New Heart Fitness, Belle Fourche SD
01 Mar


You need to do several things: eat right, get your water in, do weight resistance training, and cardio training etc! Well, these are all great and necessary for staying healthy and fit! However, if you don’t actually do any of these things I suggest and don’t do them consistently then my advice is totally worthless!!!

As a personal trainer, I can build you a great workout plan and even guide you with your healthy eating to help you produce some amazing results, but how many people adhere to my protocols and get these these amazing results?

If you think you are doing just fine on your own, let me ask you this, “How often do you skip your workouts or splurge on your eating?”

If you  answered (honestly) you don’t listen to your personal trainer and you skip and splurge more often than you should you would benefit from something else…


You need someone who won’t accept your lame excuses!  When you begin, discuss your goals and your plans.  You also might need to share with your accountability partner what the rewards and consequences will be for your actions or inaction’s.  If there’s no real consequence for your inaction then you are more likely to quit on your goals! Let your accountability buddy in! If you don’t allow them to call you out or you are lying to them, you are only hurting yourself!

BE POSITIVE! Stop saying “I’ll probably fail!” and start saying, “What if I am successful?”
Look forward to your accountability partner’s praises and look forward to encouraging him or her!
You don’t need to do it alone! Link arms with someone you click with, and reach for those goals!


Your loving trainer,

Stop Trying to be Perfect!

Stop Trying to be Perfect!
22 Feb

Sometimes it seems like the world is full of perfect people.

There’s perfect family photos on social media, perfect bodies on magazine covers, or the perfect lives of the people within them. Most days I feel far from perfect myself, just like I’m sure you do as well. What we often forget is that some people only share the perfect moments and those pictures of perfect people in the magazines are more often than not heavily edited and staged. 


Trying to Attain Perfection Leads to Despair

You fill in these blanks yourself, some of these may sound familiar. “I want hair like___, I wish I had (insert body part here) like____, I wish I had as much money as____” We often think if we had those things we wished for our lives would be perfect. In reality, those people whose lives we wish we had are just as imperfect as we are. 

The Perfection Phenomenon is Most Evident is the Fitness World

 We are surrounded by perfect bodies on TV and magazines. Those perfect bodies you often see are the result of people whose job is to look that way, and what bits they have that are still imperfect are easily covered up with makeup and edits. Rather than trying to be them or be as perfect as them, why not be the best you, that you can be.

You only get one body and the better you treat it, the better it will treat you. The more fit you are the more energy you will have. Your fit body will also be more mentally healthy, mobile, stronger bones, and many more beneficial effects.
You might not be able to be perfect but you can be the best version of you!


Friday Fit Tip From the Experienced

Friday Fit Tip From the Experienced
29 Nov

I’m not sure I’d consider myself fit. I do though, see myself as coming a long way.

Five years ago I quit smoking, as a result of that stress and kids I put on 40+pounds! It has been a little over a year since I first came to the gym in hopes of a change. The first day at NHF I remember oh so well. It was an eye opening day. Not only did I realize that my venture was a long one, but I also realized it wasn’t going to be easy. The first couple of weeks was so very difficult! Even months into it I felt like I was still struggling. Sorry for no sugar coating but I’ve given up sugar .. lol😉 I felt like I was struggling for the results, but they were slow coming. Unfortunately, you can’t get results instantaneously?! Not when you are where I was anyway. I couldn’t do a sit up, a pull up , or a box jump! I felt disgusted and pathetic! However, determined, I set small goals. Those goals became my focus. Reaching goal after goal was so rewarding that I lost the everyday thinking of the numbers on the scale. A lot of my goals involved eating right. Man do I love food! Proportion control and avoiding certain foods all together was what worked for me. The foods you love that you may need to cut out of your life could be substituted with something else.

We all know it’s way easier to put weight on rather than lose it; which I think isn’t cool. However, I look at the gym and eating right differently now. It is no longer going to the gym to get skinny, it is going to the gym to strengthen myself in mind as well as body. Its not about trying to be skinny for I’m not, but it’s to be more healthy. You owe yourself 45 minutes of healthy choices daily! My gym time has became my treat to myself for my struggles, stressful times, hardships overcame, or just a hard day. I suggest you make time for yourself! Set a goal, whether it be big or small make your self improvement a priority.

Nothing reasonable is too far fetched!
Never give up!
Courage is key!
Goals are not given they are earned!
Find your inner forward strength!



Learn From a Wrestler: Cory’s Friday Fit Tip

19 Oct

HI Everyone! It’s me, Cory! My wife told me it was my turn to share my wisdom with you all, so here it goes!

As you may or may not know I have been into health and fitness for many years since I graduated from Black Hills State with my degree in Exercise Science. I’m also currently a Middle School Wrestling coach.  I tell you this because I tend to relate almost anything in life to wrestling, but lets talk about wellness. The majority of your success comes from your mental mindset and nutrition which is the same as being on the wrestling mat and as you prepare for every tournament and every match. It’s all about your mindset.

The 4 wrestling mindset principles that can directly relate to your fitness:

  1.  I am thankful for the opportunity to wrestle (or workout, exercise) SO NEVER take for granted your healthy mind and body. Go visit any hospital and you will instantly be thankful for your health!
  2. I am aggressive and relentless! This means pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, like overcoming the fear of box jumps. Also, being aggressive should translate to good self control with your food! Get zoned in on your goal and GO FOR IT with a relentless attitude.
  3. I have no fear of losing or making mistakes. Just like wrestling you might have good days (in the gym or at the kitchen table) and sometimes mediocre days and that’s okay. That’s life!  If you are afraid of making mistakes you will probably never pull the trigger. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, just make them and learn from them and you will be better for it!
  4. I never, ever give up!  The only time you will fail is if you stop trying. Just like wrestling we say, You will miss 100% of the shots that you never take!

There maybe someone out there more talented than you; but there should be no excuse for being out worked!

When it comes to your health and nutrition you need to be thankful, aggressive, have no fear and never give up!

Set a goal and GO FOR IT!

In Olympic Spirit,
Cory Neuharth