Stuck in a Workout Rut!?

Stuck in a Workout Rut!?
27 Jul

I’m sure we’ve all fallen off the health and fitness bandwagon before… it’s time to go to the gym, and you just really, really don’t want to go.  Of course you never regret going once you’re done, but getting there and pushing through a workout can feel torturous.  Maybe you are just coming back from vacation, or maybe you have just been too busy to hit the gym… whatever the case may be, here are some ways to help you bust that workout rut!

  1. Spice up your music playlist. 

Research has shown that music at a certain tempo can actually reduce how much effort we feel we’ve put into a workout.

  1. Add interval (HIIT) training into your routine. 
    Studies show that three sessions of interval training can be as effective as five longer, more moderate exercise sessions.  Get more bang for your buck!
  2. Get outside!

Fresh air!  Scenery!  It’s an automatic energy booster.

  1. Track your activity.

I wrote about this in a post before, but keeping a log of your progress is very motivating!

  1. Play a game or try something new. 

Sign up for a race, try yoga or Pilates, join a local team, etc.

  1. Take an active rest day.

Yes, it’s important to actually work out, but it’s also crucial to allow for ample recovery time (I wrote a post about this, too… very important!)

  1. Start with things that you like.

Has it been a while since you’ve been to the gym?  Jumping straight into an intense session that you know will leave you feeling sore and overwhelmed may not be the best option.  Instead, start slow and start with things you like.  Get motivated by doing what you love, and eventually you’ll get back into the groove.

  1. Work out with a partner.

It’s always more fun to have friends along!

  1. Get certified. 

Taking your fitness goals a step further is a great way to stay motivated!


  1. Remind yourself why you’re doing this in the first place.

To gain muscle?  To lose fat?  To be able to arm wrestle your 15 year old?


– Make Fitness Fun,


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