Skinnier Isn’t Always Better

Skinnier Isn’t Always Better
15 Aug

Skinnier Isn’t Always Better


I know you all have seen the models on the grocery store magazine shelves. For women it is the impossibly thin clothing models. For guys it’s the shredded superhero types. 


The real question though is, how much fat loss is too much and how much should we keep on? Just like everything there is a healthy balance to how much body fat is just right. 


The old rule of thumb is %15 body fat for men and %20 for women. These of course are only guidelines and what’s healthy for you could vary, but not by much. Male athletes might range from %7-13 depending on their sport. Bodybuilders can get much lower, down to %3-5 however levels that low for extended periods of time could cause kidney or liver damage. 


Too high body fat of course is dangerous as well, over %30 would be considered obese and bring with it obesity related diseases like diabetes and heart disease. 


My point is less isn’t always best. The desire for people to achieve those perfect ideals can become an unnecessary obsession. The truth is many of the images we see especially on magazine covers are heavily edited and most of those supermen we see on the big screen look different when they aren’t filming the latest sequel. 


Deep down everyone knows what’s healthy and what feels right for you. Your body is always seeking balance and it will tell you how much is too much or too little. If you feel great most days and have the strength and energy to move around and accomplish every feat you set your mind to then you’re probably just right! 

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