Sometimes it’s Good to be Rigid

Sometimes it’s Good to be Rigid
03 Oct

What Does Rigid Mean?

If you call someone rigid it means they are severe and inflexible in their thinking in some way. Like a high school teacher that sends you to detention even if you were late because you saved an old lady walking across the street from being run over.


When it Comes to the Human Body is Being Rigid or Flexible Better ?

When it comes to the human body we think of rigidity as a bad thing too. Or is it? Recent trends in fitness and health would lead you to think so. With a new yoga class opening up every week it seems like attaining flexibility is all the rage. How much flexibility is too much though?

While gaining mobility and being able to move your joints comfortably in their normal range of motion is good; it is actually possible to be too flexible. This is where a good strength program to supplement your mobility work comes in.

Having flexible joints but no strength in the muscles that surrounds them is not a good thing. You need to be able to use those muscles within your newly gained range of motion. Adding resistance training strengthens those muscles and can even increase bone density and strengthen connective tissue.

So Why Do I Need to be Rigid?

Lastly a good strength trainer will teach you to keep your body rigid in the right way while lifting to protect your spine and joints. Eventually you’ll learn to use this strength and rigidity every day while standing or sitting and when you ask your body to work hard it will respond properly preventing possible injury. So you see, being rigid isn’t always a bad thing!

Happy strength training,

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