Your Mind Can Get You Going: How to workout in the morning

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27 Sep

Being able to get your butt out of bed for an early morning workout is ALL about your mindset!

I know we’ve all heard the saying, “If you think you can your right, and if you think you can’t your right!”  It’s true! It really is all about your mindset!  

Your motivation and self-esteem is all in your head. Sadly, I see the proof of this most commonly in the negative way. For example, I have heard from several the excuse that they are not a morning person and can’t get out of bed for a workout!
NO! YOU CAN! YOU totally CAN get out of bed, but instead you are telling yourself limiting beliefs! Keep believing that story and you are right. Mornings are going to be REALLY REALLY hard for you! And the more negative your mindset is, the more “impossible” it will be!

But if this is you… and say you kind of would like to get your butt out of bed in the morning, and get your workout checked off the to-do list before work, I want you to try an experiment for me!

1a. Like it or not you need to GO to bed earlier!
Tell yourself, “I am going to get up earlier so I am going to bed earlier!”

(normally I go to bed at 10 or 10:30 but the nights before my early morning workout I go to bed at 9 and lights out at 9:30… alarm goes off at 4:30am!, 7 hours works for me!)
1b. Get everything ready the night before!

2. As you are getting ready for bed, and before you fall asleep, Tell yourself, OUTLOUD,
“I am an early morning workout person”
“I will get up and get to my workout tomorrow!”
“I will feel awesome after my morning workout and have no regrets!”
“My morning workout will put me in a great mood for the day”
“I am going to sleep great and rise as soon as my alarm goes off” 

Etc… you get the picture!

3. When your alarm goes off,  say “I am getting up in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1”

You  totally GOT THIS!
Happy early morning workouts!

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