How’s Your Core?

How’s Your Core?
06 Jul

When people think of core training, one set of muscles come to mind – abdominals.  But really, what your core actually consists of is all of your midsection.  This includes your stomach, back, and sides.  Unfortunately, people in gyms everywhere focus too much on the ab muscles (gotta get that six pack!) and neglect the other parts of the core.  Developing and training all parts of the core is key for developing stability and strength.

Think about it, you use your midline in almost any movement you do at the gym AND outside of the gym (carrying groceries, picking up or carrying your child, picking up hay bales, etc.).  When using your midline, you should be focusing on keeping a neutral spine.  Neutral spine is when all three curves of the spine are in good alignment.  This is the strongest position for the spine when we are sitting or standing.  To maintain this position, guess what you need?  A strong CORE – and that doesn’t mean a six pack!

Key point – you can do all the sit-ups and crunches you want, but that won’t improve your core stability and strength!

Below is an example of what you could do as an accessory workout along with your daily workout program.  Remember that core work should be performed AFTER heavy lifting is done.  You don’t want to hammer your core and then have to depend on it for stability and strength when moving a heavy load.

15min EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 3 Rounds:
1 – 30 second plank on elbows
2 – 50’ right arm kettlebell farmer carry
3 – 30 second plank on elbows
4 – 50’ left arm kettlebell farmer carry
5 – 30 seconds medicine ball Russian twists

You’ll feel this in ALL parts of your core!

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