Are You Coachable?

Resolutions Friday Fit Tip with Stacey - New Heart Fitness, Belle Fourche SD
06 Jun

This is going to sound harsh so I’m sorry now (or actually I’m not!)

First My Disclaimer…

I love and appreciate all the people who walk into my gym! I love all makes and models of people! and I deeply respect anyone who makes the decision to better their life!


Yep, you knew there was a “But” coming.
But it’s almost impossible to help someone who is not coachable.  People come to me wanting help to lose weight or gain muscle.  I tell, and teach, and sometimes I even resort to a preach. BUT if you can’t follow through or at least try your best, I can’t help you!

Being coachable is one of life’s most important skills. And actually, if you think about it, we have to learn everything! We weren’t born knowing  how to read, or knit, or drive, or weld, or cook!  So doesn’t this “coachable” concept also go for other areas of your life? When you were on a sports team you had to listen to your coach and do what he said and that made you better at your sport! When you learn a new job, your boss has to coach you.  And there are a million more examples because we all need to be coachable.

So How Do You Be Coachable?

First, be open and receptive to new ideas! Be a lifelong learner and a listener.  Being willing to have a discussion about something that might help you is well worth it!
Next, be open minded and be willing to take constructive feedback.  I have to correct peoples’ form all day long! That’s what I do, I’m a personal trainer!  Please know, I am  NOT picking on you or trying to point out a flaw.  I’m simply helping you stay injury free and get the most muscle fiber recruitment as possible!

Also, you have to show up for yourself.  If you ask someone to help you, you need to make the appointments you set, do what you say you are going to do and gosh darn it, JUST SHOW UP!
Lastly, in the area of health and fitness coaching… I need you to actually TRY IT!  If I suggest a low carb diet: have some self control and stop eating donuts and pizza!  haha! Seriously though!

So Now I Ask You,

Are you coachable? I still love and respect people regardless if they are  truly coachable or not. And I know life happens and no one needs to be perfect, but gosh darn it, be coachable because that’s the secret to achieving your goals.
🙂 Stacey

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