Friday Fit Tip From the Experienced

Friday Fit Tip From the Experienced
29 Nov

I’m not sure I’d consider myself fit. I do though, see myself as coming a long way.

Five years ago I quit smoking, as a result of that stress and kids I put on 40+pounds! It has been a little over a year since I first came to the gym in hopes of a change. The first day at NHF I remember oh so well. It was an eye opening day. Not only did I realize that my venture was a long one, but I also realized it wasn’t going to be easy. The first couple of weeks was so very difficult! Even months into it I felt like I was still struggling. Sorry for no sugar coating but I’ve given up sugar .. lol😉 I felt like I was struggling for the results, but they were slow coming. Unfortunately, you can’t get results instantaneously?! Not when you are where I was anyway. I couldn’t do a sit up, a pull up , or a box jump! I felt disgusted and pathetic! However, determined, I set small goals. Those goals became my focus. Reaching goal after goal was so rewarding that I lost the everyday thinking of the numbers on the scale. A lot of my goals involved eating right. Man do I love food! Proportion control and avoiding certain foods all together was what worked for me. The foods you love that you may need to cut out of your life could be substituted with something else.

We all know it’s way easier to put weight on rather than lose it; which I think isn’t cool. However, I look at the gym and eating right differently now. It is no longer going to the gym to get skinny, it is going to the gym to strengthen myself in mind as well as body. Its not about trying to be skinny for I’m not, but it’s to be more healthy. You owe yourself 45 minutes of healthy choices daily! My gym time has became my treat to myself for my struggles, stressful times, hardships overcame, or just a hard day. I suggest you make time for yourself! Set a goal, whether it be big or small make your self improvement a priority.

Nothing reasonable is too far fetched!
Never give up!
Courage is key!
Goals are not given they are earned!
Find your inner forward strength!



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