Friday Fit Tip From the Experienced

Friday Fit Tip From the Experienced
29 Nov

I’m not sure I’d consider myself fit. I do though, see myself as coming a long way.

Five years ago I quit smoking, as a result of that stress and kids I put on 40+pounds! It has been a little over a year since I first came to the gym in hopes of a change. The first day at NHF I remember oh so well. It was an eye opening day. Not only did I realize that my venture was a long one, but I also realized it wasn’t going to be easy. The first couple of weeks was so very difficult! Even months into it I felt like I was still struggling. Sorry for no sugar coating but I’ve given up sugar .. lol😉 I felt like I was struggling for the results, but they were slow coming. Unfortunately, you can’t get results instantaneously?! Not when you are where I was anyway. I couldn’t do a sit up, a pull up , or a box jump! I felt disgusted and pathetic! However, determined, I set small goals. Those goals became my focus. Reaching goal after goal was so rewarding that I lost the everyday thinking of the numbers on the scale. A lot of my goals involved eating right. Man do I love food! Proportion control and avoiding certain foods all together was what worked for me. The foods you love that you may need to cut out of your life could be substituted with something else.

We all know it’s way easier to put weight on rather than lose it; which I think isn’t cool. However, I look at the gym and eating right differently now. It is no longer going to the gym to get skinny, it is going to the gym to strengthen myself in mind as well as body. Its not about trying to be skinny for I’m not, but it’s to be more healthy. You owe yourself 45 minutes of healthy choices daily! My gym time has became my treat to myself for my struggles, stressful times, hardships overcame, or just a hard day. I suggest you make time for yourself! Set a goal, whether it be big or small make your self improvement a priority.

Nothing reasonable is too far fetched!
Never give up!
Courage is key!
Goals are not given they are earned!
Find your inner forward strength!



What Are You Thankful For?

Resolutions Friday Fit Tip with Stacey - New Heart Fitness, Belle Fourche SD
22 Nov

‘Tis the season to be thankful

I am so thankful for all I have and the awesome life I lead. I’m truly blessed to get to do what I what do; I help people get healthy and I love my job! I’m so grateful for the wonderful people I’ve met through it all! My gym has brought me some sweet friends! I really do consider you all my friends!
So now I ask you, what are you thankful for?
I hope you put the “opportunity to choose” on your Thankful list!

This holiday season take a minute to reflect on the fact that you have plenty of choices and opportunities, especially when it comes to your health! While you are busy chasing your dreams, take the time to choose to work on you, to be just a little bit better than you were yesterday!

Blessings and much appreciation to all of you, my NHF friends,

Without Your Health You Have Nothing

Resolutions Friday Fit Tip with Stacey - New Heart Fitness, Belle Fourche SD
15 Nov

Watch out, I’m on my soap box!

So here’s my thing…

Lately what I’ve been hearing really saddens me!  I’ve been hearing several people talk about their health ailment like it’s just a given and a new part of them that they just have to deal with! Things like digestion; such as gas, bloating, constipation, IBS-D, stomach cramps,  and then there’s mood issues, chronic fatigue, obesity, skin issues, migraines  and even autoimmune disorders!


So what do you do?
When you have a health concern like one of these listed above,  you can ignore it for as long as possible or you go to the doctor.  And what does the doctor do? He or she gives you a prescription; one that you need to go fill at the pharmacy. What I’m about to say is not bashing on doctors.  I personally know some really great and super nice doctors, But what do most doctors generally do?  They just treat the symptoms! They write a script to cover up the issue or make it manageable when all too often those prescribed meds actually have other side effects. However, on a positive note, the really great doctors might even give you additional instruction… Like, “You should eat better and exercise and Good luck!”  But how helpful is that?


I know it might be easier said than done, but you need to get to the root cause of your ailment! 
There’s a reason your body is rebelling! God designed our bodies to function in harmony! However, when we are constantly surrounded by toxins (and yes, the #1 culprit is the foods we eat) our body will quit functioning the way it’s supposed to.  I absolutely believe eating a clean, mostly organic diet, adding consistent exercise and reducing stress is the key to health at any age! So for starters cut out the sugars, alcohol and processed foods!

Next, You need to know gut health is for real!
Our human gut is full of bacteria, some good, some bad! When our body is flooded with toxins the good bacteria gets beat out by the bad bacteria and that causes our body to break down and causes the aliments I mentioned above.  Changing your diet can help some but there are some great natural plant based supplements such as (the right) probiotics that can help get the gut microbiome back to homeostasis.  Here’s a list of aliments directly related to and caused by poor gut health.  If you want help with getting your gut healthy, reach out to me, I would be glad to help!


In closing, I want you to think of this: WITHOUT YOUR HEALTH YOU HAVE NOTHING!

To truly get healthy you need to get to the root cause! Do your research! Don’t settle!

Here to help,

Collect Yourself!

Collect Yourself!
09 Nov

Here in the Center of the Nation most people either own a horse or two of their own or for sure know someone who does. We are a horse and cattle community after all! My wife is a talented horse trainer and the other day I had an interesting realization after a discussion we had about equine posture. One very common postural dysfunction in horses is a sway back. This is when a horses back ends up with a more pronounced curve than it should and often causes pain and discomfort for the horse and sometimes means they can no longer be ridden.

Being a Personal Trainer and Human Movement Specialist, I have a great interest in helping people correct their posture. So my question to her was, “Can you fix a sway back horses posture if you somehow exercised the right muscles somehow?” Her answer was “Yes, definitely! You just have to work with the horse and over time teach them to collect their head and engage the right muscles in their back and hips, until eventually the right muscles get stronger and their sway back improves.”

That process is extremely similar to how I help people with their posture and back pain. Ironically even humans can have a “sway back” posture! What I teach my clients and group fitness class attendees every day is the same thing we do for the horse. If you have ever been to one of our classes or had a personal trainer instruct you before you will hear us constantly reminding you of things like this: “Engage your core!, Neutral spine, Head down!, Neck straight!, Straight back!, Don’t let your back sag!, Engage your Glutes!, Use your hips!” Sounding familiar yet?

All those cues a trainer gives are essentially the same you do for a horse. If you let your horse be loose and you ride like a sack of potatoes in the saddle you are going to have a bumpy ride and eventually contribute to the horse ending up with a sway back by bouncing with all your weight right on their spine! But if you collect their head and use cues to make them move their hips and you ride with the horse with good form and both of you with good posture, you both get a better ride. Now think about yourself, maybe you drive a big heavy commercial truck like me, or you drive a bouncy tractor all day, even if you sit at a desk most of your work day. If you sit like a weak and limp sack of potatoes and let your body weight compress your spine and then bounce around on that compressed spine, you WILL end up with a sore back and eventually some postural dysfunction and chronic back pain. With the right coaching and cues and proper release, stretching, mobility, and strengthening techniques your posture, pain, strength, even your mood will improve.

So think about your posture during your daily activities. Draw your belly in, sit up straight, keep your shoulders back, your chin down and your neck straight, even think about engaging your Gluteus muscles while sitting, standing or driving for a long period of time. In other words, Collect Yourself!

Happy Friday,


Rest and Recover is needed!

Rest and Recover is needed!
02 Nov

When you take a day “off” from the gym, what does that look like? Do you go for a walk or bike ride (active recovery)? Do you sit on the couch… all day (passive rest)?

What’s the point?
The point of a recovery day is to recover from your training not only in the physical sense, but it’s also a much-needed mental break. Your recovery days can be composed of many different things. But, research suggests that active recovery is the best and most efficient way to help boost muscle recovery and reduce soreness. If you choose to lay on the couch all day (which, honestly, we all need to do once in a while…), chances are your muscles will be sore the next morning, and you’ll find it difficult to perform any movement that requires muscle strength, agility, or speed.

What is active recovery exactly?

It’s any workout that is light and performed at a pace that, when finished, leaves you feeling energized, not exhausted. These sessions should be 30-40 minutes long.
HOWEVER, if you are injured and you accuse pain whenever you try a complex movement or do cardio, it’s best to opt for the passive rest.

Enjoy your weekend!

Get out and enjoy some active recovery!