What’s Holding You Back?

What’s Holding You Back?
26 Oct

We are so close to the holidays again, it seems like this year flew by! When I get close to the end of a year I like to look back at my progress throughout the year. Of course this post is geared towards fitness progress, but you could apply this to any aspect of your life you wish to improve upon.

Let’s say for example your goal this year was weight loss or muscle gain. When you look in the mirror do you see the progress you have made this past year, or are you only looking at the progress you have yet to make?

I’m going to come clean here, the idea of this fit tip came mostly from my wife. She, like many women, struggle with her image of herself. Still trying to lose the last bit of baby weight from her last pregnancy, she gets frustrated when she looks at herself. She realized that she has been only looking at where she wants to be, instead of how far she has come. When the focus is on how far she still has to go, she begins to tear herself down and lose hope. Then eventually she stops making progress and begins the cycle again. The real epiphany she had was to change the way she looked at her progress. Now instead of looking at how far she has to go she looks at the progress she has made. Maybe there has only been a few pounds lost instead of the bigger goal she had. However, what she has seen is strength gains, smaller clothes size and muscle definition improvements. Looking at the improvements she made helps her to stay on track and keep motivated.


So the next time you look in the mirror,
don’t see where you need to go, see where you have been! Look at what you can do now that you couldn’t do before. Far too often when we reach for a goal we get in our own way and hold ourselves back! Looking too far ahead at a distant goal instead of the victories of today and yesterday can hold you back from reaching that goal. If you are what’s holding you back, it’s time to get out of your own way and step aside and let progress happen as it will. All you have to do is keep stepping forward!

Be proud,

Learn From a Wrestler: Cory’s Friday Fit Tip

19 Oct

HI Everyone! It’s me, Cory! My wife told me it was my turn to share my wisdom with you all, so here it goes!

As you may or may not know I have been into health and fitness for many years since I graduated from Black Hills State with my degree in Exercise Science. I’m also currently a Middle School Wrestling coach.  I tell you this because I tend to relate almost anything in life to wrestling, but lets talk about wellness. The majority of your success comes from your mental mindset and nutrition which is the same as being on the wrestling mat and as you prepare for every tournament and every match. It’s all about your mindset.

The 4 wrestling mindset principles that can directly relate to your fitness:

  1.  I am thankful for the opportunity to wrestle (or workout, exercise) SO NEVER take for granted your healthy mind and body. Go visit any hospital and you will instantly be thankful for your health!
  2. I am aggressive and relentless! This means pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, like overcoming the fear of box jumps. Also, being aggressive should translate to good self control with your food! Get zoned in on your goal and GO FOR IT with a relentless attitude.
  3. I have no fear of losing or making mistakes. Just like wrestling you might have good days (in the gym or at the kitchen table) and sometimes mediocre days and that’s okay. That’s life!  If you are afraid of making mistakes you will probably never pull the trigger. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, just make them and learn from them and you will be better for it!
  4. I never, ever give up!  The only time you will fail is if you stop trying. Just like wrestling we say, You will miss 100% of the shots that you never take!

There maybe someone out there more talented than you; but there should be no excuse for being out worked!

When it comes to your health and nutrition you need to be thankful, aggressive, have no fear and never give up!

Set a goal and GO FOR IT!

In Olympic Spirit,
Cory Neuharth


Lets talk about food! (Challenge)

Resolutions Friday Fit Tip with Stacey - New Heart Fitness, Belle Fourche SD
12 Oct

It seems we like we have talked about motivation and discipline a lot, but not so much about food lately!

So let me just say this loudly, “YOU CAN’T OUT WORK A BAD DIET!”  and  “ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN!”

YEP, sorry if you didn’t want to hear those two sayings, but your diet, meaning what you feed yourself, actually really matters!

Do you need a little food pep talk?  We just need to start somewhere!

So, I challenge you with two things for the rest of the year!

Lets do a little math!  First we will add and then we will take away!


My #1 tip is GET MORE VEGETABLES,,, so unless you already eat 8-12 servings of veggies a day, you can do this challenge!

Specifically, increase veggies by one more serving.  SO, if you usually get 2 servings of veggies a day, increase that to 3 servings! The benefits of this is huge!  Loading up on the the veggies will not make you gain weight and the vitamins and nutrients will feed your body what it needs! (Go Organic as much as possible.  I highly recommend going back and reading Danielle’s Dirty Dozen Fit Tip about the best Organic choices.)


Now, you need to take away one food item that you know you need to eliminate!  Take control by kicking this bad food choice to the curb!  If you know it’s something that hinders your success and likely has little to no nutritional benefits, you need to say GOOD BYE! Make a promise to yourself to kick it out for the rest of the year! You’ll get a jump start on your New Year’s Resolution, and you will feel great about the control you’ve regained!  (Mine was coffee creamer! It’s totally just sugar and processed crap and guess what? I’ve survived without it just fine!)

Who’s in on this mini FOOD CHALLENGE?  This is totally easy and I know YOU CAN DO IT!  And if you are not ready to take this challenge that’s OK but, you might need to reevaluate where you stand on your health goals and come back to revisit this when you are ready.


❤  Stacey

When you first start, how much cardio and how much lifting?

07 Oct

This little message from Trainer Stacey is for her clients but maybe it will be helpful for you too!


If you have a weight loss goal shoot for: 2 days lifting and 2 days cardio


CLIENTS:  Your two days lifting will be in a class, options are, PICK 2: 
Mon. and Wed.

5:30am, 8:05am, 3:30pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm

Tues. 5:30pm

Thurs. 4:30pm, 5:30pm


THEN, 2 days cardio:  

FYI VIP Clients and Challenge Goers are welcome to do Noon Cardio Club on Tuesdays and or Thursdays until the week of Thanksgiving for the challenge. This is Client led (staff will not always be present).  Clients, plan to meet your team or gym buddy. (If you do not have a door code you need to meet someone who does have a VIP code!)


FOR EVERYONE, you have 3 choices for cardio:

Longer, Steady-state sessions,  Shorter HIIT workouts or a Combo:


*Steady state cardio should be 40 mins. Or depending on your current fitness level work up to that

* Shorter HIIT  should be 15- 20 mins. Or depending on your current fitness level work up to at least 20 minutes.

* COMBO of Steady state and HIIT example:

10 mins Steady state (usually treadmill) Increase intensity to a power walk with an incline as you can but at a speed and incline level that you can maintain for the entire ten minutes.

You can do all 10 mins first or split it 5 warmup/5 cool down


Next, do 10 minutes of High Intensity Intervals on a stationary bike. Start 20 seconds hard and fast with 40 seconds rest pace (then as you progress do 30/30)


Then 5 minutes intervals on the Rowing machine, 20 /40  working up to … 30/30

If the 30/30 becomes “too easy” my guess is you are NOT going hard and fast enough on your intense interval! PUSH YOUSELF!  Interval training is meant to be intense so you get tired and sweaty in a short amount of time!


Make it work for you!  Plan it out. Decide when you are going to get this in!
If you have questions, just ask!


05 Oct

Just the sound of the word Discipline can almost seem like a bad word like it’s one of those dirty four letter words. No one is selling cans of discipline!

Then there’s trying to keep up with the Joneses who are fit and trim. If only we had their genetics, luck, family inheritance, whatever it is we attribute their success to. We never stop to think that just maybe the Joneses have it all together because they have discipline!

I know I have been guilty of making such judgement countless times in my life, I have my regrets and what if’s in life just like I’m sure you do.  I’ve often times played the victim and come up with any number of excuses like: “I can’t lose weight because I don’t have time to workout, I can’t save money because I have too much debt, I can’t build a new career without going to an expensive school.” We don’t want to have to work for these things. Instead we want what we want and we want it yesterday! If we don’t get it that’s when we play the victim and make those excuses. That dirty word discipline never crosses our mind.


Its only human nature to want to be comfortable and make our lives as easy as possible. After a hard day at work all I want to do is lay on the couch, eat a giant bowl of ice cream and binge watch the TV.  A previous version of me did just that every day and I became overweight, and perpetually sick, weak, and tired. It wasn’t until I learned to discipline myself in a few ways that I learned that discipline and working towards a goal was far more rewarding! I want you to do a little exercise and learn where you might be able to discipline yourself and really make progress to achieving your goals.


*Take a second and think about your what if’s, make a list of 3 big ones, fitness or health related or not. 

*Now I want you to make a separate list of your excuses for why you can’t achieve them.

*Now I want you to take that list and throw it right in the trash!


Your final step is to make a list of ways you can discipline yourself to really make headway towards those goals. If your goal is weight loss, what can you cut out that will lead you down the right path. For me, one of the big ones was that giant bowl of nightly ice cream.  To discipline myself I knew I had to stay away from ice cream, and I mean for good. I knew if I had one scoop I would have 6 more. So I haven’t had a bowl of my favorite ice cream in over 3 years, because I used discipline


 Ok  but you might be thinking something like this: “I could do that but I don’t want to. I want to enjoy my life and that bowl of ice cream (or glass of wine) is my daily reward to myself. I need it to unwind after my hard day.”

But do you really need that thing that is holding you back? This is the kind of discipline you will need to achieve those goals. This is the kind of discipline the Joneses have to reach success. It’s the kind of discipline I needed to lose that extra weight and keep it off. Now, am I saying you have to live your life like a robot and never enjoy the sweeter things of life? No, of course not. You won’t last long that way. Instead of my ice cream, now I have a bowl of fruit or some bananas and peanut butter or some other alternative that satisfies that craving without taking me down the road that leads back to nowhere. Now I know my limits and where I need more discipline and other places where I can get away with “living a little”.

I hope now that naughty word Discipline doesn’t sound so vulgar and you can really start something new and awesome in your life.

Thanks for reading, good luck and God bless on your journey of discipline and freedom.

~Trainer Jesse~