31 May

I workout in the mornings before hitting the road to go to work. I work 30+ minutes away from home, so my mornings are rushed, to say the least. I brew coffee before my workout, then sip it on the way to work. But I am also slamming down my post-workout recovery protein, too. After arriving at work, a real breakfast may or may not happen… it’s hectic. I’m always looking for fast, on-the-go breakfast options. I stumbled across an article that had a wonderful solution to my problem!

There is a way to boost your morning coffee to include all the macronutrients you need (protein, carbohydrates, and fat) plus a few micronutrients.

Here’s a way to boost your coffee to cover breakfast and your coffee addiction!
12 oz. of hot coffee
4 oz. cashew or almond milk
1 scoop (grass-fed), vanilla whey protein
1 date, pitted (for added carbohydrates to sustain energy)
1 tbs. MCT oil**

Put all ingredients in a blender and blend until frothy!

**MCTs or medium-chain triglycerides are a form of saturated fatty acid that has numerous health benefits. Approximately sixty-five percent of the fatty acids found in coconut oil are MCTs, but concentrated MCT oil is growing in popularity due to research on the health benefits associate with the saturated fat.

If you are making this at work or on the go,  you can sure omit the date! I also like to use “chocolate” protein instead of vanilla. That makes it a little more like a mocha. Protein options are endless these days! On the warmer days, I throw all the ingredients in a blender with ICE and make a Frappuccino.

So tasty! ENJOY!



Resolutions Friday Fit Tip with Stacey - New Heart Fitness, Belle Fourche SD
25 May

Are you an all or nothing kind of person?  Often I hear, “I’m going to start working out 6 days a week!” or  “I’m cutting out all alcohol” or “I’m not going to eat any carbs.”  And then I ask HOW are you going to do that (for longer than a week!?) 

Let’s face it, too many bad carbs are not healthy and quite frankly alcohol has NO nutritional value.  HOWEVER, are you a really an all or nothing kind of person?  

AND, sadly, on the flip side, from other people I hear, “I’m not even going to try; I love my beer (or wine, or carbs or couch) way too much!”   

I’ve seen way too many people live life like their health does’t matter until all of a sudden they get a diagnosis.  High Cholesterol, Heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or just unnecessary aches and pains and frequent visits to the Dr.  that likely could have been avoided!

Okay people, lets get a happy medium.  You do not need to cut out all “good stuff” completely or forever!  BUT YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!  Sorry, I’m “yelling” here, but people it’s time to decide what’s important! 

Find a balance, and alternative options. Maybe you can control yourself to 1-2 drinks per week or start cutting back slowly so it’s not so drastic of a change!  If cutting out alcohol isn’t on your to-do list, then be smart and find healthier alternatives! They are starting to make Low-Carb, low sugar drinks or you can make your own. If you need ideas Google healthy cocktail recipes. 

 Same for carbs— you DO NOT NEED the PASTA! Try spaghetti squash, beans or grilled sweet potato! CUT back on the bread! Watch your sugar intake! Find a happy medium!

Commit to some type of consistent physical activity this summer!  I personally make sure I get in to the gym to lift heavy things 2-3 days a week all year round but summer is a great time to add to that and get outside and be active! Hiking, biking, or even just going for an evening walk! Have you tried my summertime fave, outdoor yoga?  The options are limitless!  Start with 2-3 days a week of 30 minutes of movement activity!


  • Here’s to your best summer yet- Stacey
    PS anyone want to take me stand-up paddle boarding?  I’ve yet to try it!

How To Get Stronger

How To Get Stronger
18 May

First, I should ask the question, do you even need to be stronger than you are now? It wasn’t long ago that the majority of Americans made their living on small farms or as woodsmen or mountain men (and women), much of their food and clothing was still gained through hunting and gathering. In other words, for people to survive they had to work for their needs. This work wasn’t what we call work today, sitting in desks or behind the wheel of a vehicle or machine. This was hard physical labor.


Our bodies were made for this kind of work. Even the great Egyptian pyramids were made mostly by raw human power. Building strength is nothing new for human beings. What is new is the need to exercise for exercise sake. Before the industrial revolution life was our exercise. The harder your life was the more “exercise” you got. The only people in ancient history who had the luxury of becoming overweight were the very wealthy and privileged (just look at pictures of king Henry the 8th.)


Our bodies were designed for work and the harder we work the more the body has to adapt to that work. This is the concept behind our understanding of modern strength training, it is called the overload principle. If you overload your body with a greater stimulus or “exercise” than it is used to, then it must adapt to handle the new normal.


In the words of popular strength trainer, Mark Rippetoe: ” exercise is the stimulus that returns our bodies to the conditions for which they were designed. Humans are not physically normal in the absence of hard physical effort. Exercise is not a thing we do to fix a problem – it is a thing we must do anyway, a thing without which there will always be problems”


There are a lot of different opinions about what it takes to increase strength. These opinions range from the simple to the extreme. From modern fitness fads and hokey machines and even whole gyms filled with machines and fitness classes where people do nothing but bounce on trampolines (hey I’m not judging, something is better than nothing) In truth gaining strength is pretty simple. Yes, it requires work, and the more your body adapts the harder that work needs to be to gain more adaptations. Yet, the concept remains as simple as: do more work than you did the last time and you will get stronger.


If you don’t believe me try it yourself. I guarantee if you’re ready to work you will get stronger and feel better no matter how old or how many injuries you may have had. Getting stronger is what your body was made to do.

-Jesse H.

Work The Top

Work The Top
11 May

Women struggle with upper body strength compared to men, it’s no secret.  It’s just how they are built.  Fitness professionals agree that a woman’s upper body strength is only about 50% of their lower body strength, while a man’s upper and lower body strength are close to equal.  Developing muscle mass is important for women and can yield a myriad of benefits.  I’m not talking about bulking up – due to a woman’s chemical makeup (hormones, or lack there of), women don’t have what it takes to gain that kind of muscle.

Here are some ways upper body strength is beneficial for women:

  1. Life is Easier

Your daily life is much easier with a little muscle up top, and I’m not just talking about being able to open that stubborn pickle jar.  But really, whether it’s picking up/moving heavier objects, carrying fewer loads of groceries into the house (my personal favorite), or carrying your kid or grandkid around with ease, the stronger you are, the easier it will be.


  1. Stay Independent

Not only do women have less muscle to begin with, but as they age, their muscles start to deteriorate (muscle mass is cut in half by age 70).  Without arm, shoulder, and back muscles, you can’t do simple things like reach things on shelves, or do housework.  And if you fall, it will be extremely difficult for you to get yourself back up.  Not to mention, the weaker you are, the more susceptible you are to injury.


  1. It’s Good For Your Heart

No brainer – lifting weights is good for your ticker!


  1. It Helps Other Movements

A strong upper body supports running and elliptical work, too!


  1. Bone Strengthening

Strength training can help prevent bone loss and even encourage new bone growth.  Put in a little extra upper body work now to protect those important muscles on your upper half in the future.


Just remember that in any upper body workout routine, you must engage the PUSH and PULL muscles equally throughout the week!  Happy lifting, everyone!

— Danielle


Resolutions Friday Fit Tip with Stacey - New Heart Fitness, Belle Fourche SD
04 May

This nice weather has started to make me “freak out” just a bit.  Don’t get me wrong I’m LOVING this weather, as I’m sure everyone is!  However, summer is right around the corner and clearly my body is not ready for summer clothing!  Anyone with me!?  You might be thinking, “Geez Stacey you are a personal trainer, what’s up?”  Well, I worked out all winter, (mind you I prefer to lift heavy things vs cardio) and I ate like it was wintertime!  You know what I mean: soups, holiday dinners, baked goods, and even a little fast food!   I’m just being honest.  Salads and grilled lean meats just weren’t happening this winter!  Are you with me on this? I do still try to eat “healthy” most of the time but lets get real, this winter was a long one!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 100 times… you have to change the diet to make physical changes to your body.  I know exactly what I need to do! (NO more Banana bread and I better lay off the Ski’s Pizza!)
So, who’s with me???  Be honest!  Are you like me and just slipped off the healthy wagon a little bit or have you never jumped on the healthy eating wagon? If you know you need to make changes then why haven’t you? Are you addicted to sugar and soda and you walk around in frumpy clothes to cover up as much as you can? Do you feel depressed your jeans are too tight or you can no longer fit into your favorite outfit?  If you answered Yes to any of these questions, it’s time to do something about it! You are only what you limit yourself to and excuses are just that, excuses!


WE… yes, WE are going to do this challenge together no matter where you are reading this from! I’m going to do it and I want you to join me; (trainers need motivation too!)  This will be 21 days to start new habits.  Of coarse we should keep these good habits longer than 21 days but in the next 3 weeks you will take control of your mind, and your body will start reaping the benefits of cutting out sugars and processed foods when you eat healthy.  I know this won’t be easy because I can’t come over to your house and knock the “donuts” out of your hand.  You are going to have to do the work! But trust me, it will be worth it! and YOU CAN DO IT! tell yourself that right now!  “I CAN DO THIS!” 

1) Read the below: “CUT out and GET in”  then decide to COMMIT
2) Ask a friend or family member to join you (accountability)
3) Go to New Heart Fitness Facebook page and Look for 21 Day Challenge Event and Join by clicking “Going” Follow this Event page for ideas,
support and to check in!

4) Prepare to start on MONDAY MAY 7th Throw out crap & go shopping (see shopping list below)

CUT OUT … Added sugar, juice & sugary drinks/soda, white bread, processed foods
GET IN …Daily: 3-6x servings of protein (consider using a daily low carb protein supplement), 3-5 veggies, 1-2 fruits, 64-128oz water
AND  optional but highly recommended: 30-60 mins physical activity (walk, hike, swim, bike, lift weights, yoga, etc) 4-6 days a week.|

Most of the above quantity is in a range so you have options. (For example, if you currently don’t eat any fruits or veggies now, work up to the low number.)  I tried to keep this super simple, but if this seems like a lot to you, don’t stress it!  Just commit, start it, try hard to put your healthy eating agenda on the top of your priorities, and if you slip up, just keep going!  One of my many favorite saying is, “If you get a flat tire on your car do you go slash the other 3 tires? NO you go get your tire fixed and get back on the road!” 

I’m here to help! This is totally free, no strings attached.  I just want to see you be successful and get healthy! So, don’t hesitate to reach out to me! Message me on FB or give me a call at the gym!